Written as both a continuation of The Abled Chronicles, and as a second entry point to the series for new readers.

Necessary sacrifices. New betrayals. Forced transformations. One generation ago, Earth was almost destroyed by a perfect storm consisting of climate change, a pandemic, and solar flares. The rise of the Ableds–ordinary people who developed extraordinary abilities–saved humanity from extinction.

As a teenager, Kaleo Hughes led a team to stop the abductions of Abled children. As an adult, she’s thwarted kidnappings, blocked bombings, quelled riots, and stopped bullets in mid-air.

After absorbing a nuclear missile’s blast to avert a presidential coup, Kaleo’s abilities have deserted her. Before, Kaleo could control an energy shield as large as a stadium. Now she can barely walk across a room.

As Kaleo comes to term with her new life, a jealous teammate’s betrayal rips her away from everything she holds dear. In order for Kaleo to survive, she’ll have to coax the gentle flame burning inside of her into a raging bonfire.