Struggles and awakenings: without one, it is almost impossible to have the other.

Six months ago, Kaleo Hughes was Phoenix: American hero and darling of the National Abled Task Force. Now she is Blade: a top contender for the Roman gladiator championships who doesn’t remember her life before the arena.

Stefan loves Kaleo with his entire heart. A powerful Abled in his own right, when his fiancee went missing, it turned his world upside down. As America begins its final descent into civil war, and political strife reaches its breaking point, Stefan will stop at nothing to find Kaleo and rescue her.

The road to the upper echelons of the gladiator arena is no easy stroll, and where money talks, justice whispers. Even as Stefan races to find Kaleo, Blade hones her skills to prepare for the fight of her life.

Kaleo’s castle may have burned to the ground, but that won’t stop Blade from becoming the queen.