A pandemic. Solar flares. Climate change. Famine. War. Death. Humankind would have been doomed if it wasn’t for the rise of the Ableds– the common term for people with uncommon abilities.

Canary is driven. She is fearless. She has a robust sense of self-preservation that she readily ignores if saving herself means putting others in danger. She leads a rag-tag team who are the only family that she’s ever known.

A dying Earth was saved by the first generation of Ableds long before Canary was born, but now a new crisis is brewing: Abled children are being kidnapped, never to be seen again. No one knows who is behind the abductions, and the children’s non-Abled family members are never left alive, proving that the kidnappers are as violent as they are heartless.The mission of Canary and her team is to find out who is behind the kidnappings and murders and prevent any more from occurring.

As they begin to unravel the truth, a shattering betrayal comes from within, and it is up to Canary to decide if she would rather fade into obscurity, or step up and prove that she is more than a pawn.