Betrayal. Shock. Guilt. Hope. Progress. Kaleo Hughes has been through it all. Five years ago, she weathered the loss of her team, her identity, and her abilities. Now, she’s picked up the pieces of her life and resolved to move forward. Despite her past trauma, she refuses to let what happened define who she is.

However, the past is not so easily buried. A bombing rocks the nation and Kaleo’s life changes once again. Now, new enemies arise, old enemies rear their ugly heads, and the strength of five year’s healing time undergoes a trial by fire. 

Kaleo is no pawn, and as her new abilities grow, she begins to realize that perhaps she is called to be more than a washed-up Abled who is content to stand in the background and let others take the hits. 

She is strong. She is powerful. She is vigilant. She is a knight.