All too often, novels stop just when things are starting to get good: Romances end just as two people confess their love, grand fantasies end after the big battle, and dystopian stories end after either change is brought about, or the heroes die trying.

But what if that was different?

The Abled Chronicles seeks to explore the concept of what happens after the world almost ends– the trials, tribulations, and challenges that face the next generation as they make their way in a world where the rules of the game have shifted due to the appearance of a new type of power-player: The Ableds.


The Abled Chronicles (completed series):

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PAWN: Book One

A pandemic. Solar flares. Climate change. Famine. War. Death. Humanity would have been doomed if it wasn’t for the rise of the Ableds– the common term for people with uncommon abilities.

Canary is driven. She is fearless. She has a robust sense of self-preservation that she readily ignores if saving herself means putting others in danger. She leads a rag-tag team of Ableds who are the only family she’s ever known. In a world where abilities define who an Abled is, hers change every time she uses them.

The first generation of Ableds saved a dying Earth long before Canary was born, but now a new crisis looms: someone is kidnapping Abled children. No one knows who is behind the abductions, and the children’s non-Abled family members are never left alive, proving that the kidnappers are as violent as they are heartless. Canary’s mission is to find out who is behind the kidnappings and stop any more families from being ripped apart.

As her team unravels the truth, a shattering betrayal comes from within and Canary must decide if she would rather fade into obscurity, or step up and prove that she is more than a pawn.


KNIGHT: Book Two

Betrayal. Shock. Guilt. Hope. Kaleo Hughes has been through it all.

Five years ago, she weathered the loss of her team, her identity, and her abilities. Now, she’s picked up the pieces of her life and resolved to move forward. Despite her past trauma, she refuses to let what happened define who she is.

However, the past is not so easily buried. A terrorist attack during a presidential campaign rally rocks the nation, and Kaleo is called upon to use her new abilities to keep the vice-presidential candidate safe. In the aftermath of the bombing new enemies arise, old enemies rear their ugly heads, and the strength of five year’s healing time undergoes a trial by fire.

Kaleo is no pawn, and as her new abilities grow, she realizes that perhaps she is called to be more than a washed-up Abled who is content to stand in the background and let others take the hits.

She is strong. She is powerful. She is vigilant. She is a knight.


BISHOP: Book Three

Presidential bombings. Unrest. Loyalty. Love. 

In the midst of increasing political tensions and national instability, Kaleo has finally come into her own and found her place in the world.

As the pressure mounts from President Johnson’s camp to allow him to return to power, and as Puppeteer continues to lurk in the shadows, it is up to Kaleo and the National Abled Task Force to stand in the gap.

However, things are not always as they seem, and when a mission goes awry, Kaleo makes a discovery that changes everything. As she grows more powerful, old ghosts become new friends, and she is faced with choices that would test the mettle of even the strongest wills.

When her world collapses, Kaleo must learn that in order to pass through the darkest night, the most important thing is to have faith that eventually the sun will rise.


ROOK: Book Four

Necessary sacrifices. New betrayals. Forced transformations. 

One generation ago, Earth was almost destroyed by a perfect storm of climate change, a pandemic, and solar flares. The rise of the Ableds–ordinary people who developed extraordinary abilities–saved humanity from extinction.

As a teenager, Kaleo Hughes led a team to stop the abductions of Abled children. As an adult, she’s thwarted kidnappings, blocked bombings, quelled riots, and stopped bullets in mid-air.

After absorbing a nuclear missile’s blast to avert a presidential coup, Kaleo’s abilities have deserted her. Before, Kaleo could control an energy shield as large as a stadium. Now she can barely walk across a room.

As Kaleo comes to term with her new life, a jealous teammate’s betrayal rips her away from everything she holds dear. In order for Kaleo to survive, she’ll have to coax the gentle flame burning inside of her into a raging bonfire.


QUEEN: Book Five

Struggles and awakenings: without one, it is almost impossible to have the other.

Six months ago, Kaleo Hughes was Phoenix: American hero and darling of the National Abled Task Force. Now she is Blade: a top contender for the Roman gladiator championships who doesn’t remember her life before the arena.

Stefan loves Kaleo with his entire heart. A powerful Abled in his own right, when his fiancee went missing, it turned his world upside down. As America begins its final descent into civil war, and political strife reaches its breaking point, Stefan will stop at nothing to find Kaleo and rescue her.

The road to the upper echelons of the gladiator arena is no easy stroll, and where money talks, justice whispers. Even as Stefan races to find Kaleo, Blade hones her skills to prepare for the fight of her life.

Kaleo’s castle may have burned to the ground, but that won’t stop Blade from becoming the queen.


KING: Book Six

Secret identities. Every superhero needs one. Kaleo’s had three.

America is a divided nation fighting against itself. Phoenix, the protector of America, is needed, but Phoenix no longer exists. Blade, the champion of the gladiator arena, could fight, but Blade died when Kaleo’s heart stopped. The country is in trouble, the task force is in tatters, and no one can stop the puppet president from taking power.

Kaleo is awake and the world has gone mad.

There is little time to rest from the trauma of the gladiator arena and less time to recover from her near-death experience. With the help of Stefan and their friends, it is up to Kaleo to stand in the gap.

To save the people she loves, Kaleo must become the hero that her country needs.



The second American civil war is in full swing. When bullets can be deflected and bombs absorbed, the deciding factor that wins battles is not conventional weapons or troop numbers, but the strength of the Ableds on either side.

Surrounded by her friends and loved ones, Kaleo is back and Shield is ready to take on the world.

Battles are fought, alliances are forged, and sacrifices are made in this thrilling conclusion to The Abled Chronicles.


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